A Star in Naming – from 1870

Good naming and good marketing weren’t invented yesterday.

Consider the story of John K. Hogg, a manufacturer of soap in Frederick, Maryland.  Mr. Hogg had a concept for a special soap, so he applied for a trademark.

starsoapStar Soap, he called it.  A star symbol was to be “printed, stamped or impressed upon the outside of each piece of soap,” as he wrote in his application.

This was a soapmaker with real naming and marketing chops:

  • A simple, one-syllable name.
  • A highly meaningful word to convey both his aspirations and the quality of his product.
  • A physical symbol built right into the name.

And the rest of the story?

On October 25, 1870, John Hogg was the recipient of Trademark #9.  That’s right, the ninth trademark ever issued by the United States government.

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