Short and Sweet

If you’re an avid TV viewer, you may have noticed that one-word titles are much in vogue these days.

blindspotNew shows for the fall 2016 schedule include Bull, Divorce, Lucifer, Notorious, Shameless, Timeless and Westworld.

Some returning favorites include Blindspot, Empire, Mom, Quantico, Scandal and Survivor.

One-word TV titles are not new (think Glee or Friends or Seinfeld).  But they’re growing in popularity, as TV becomes more of a digital experience – and viewers’ attention spans wander across many possible options.

A snappy title, no matter how short and sweet, won’t make a bad show good.  Same thing with brand names in any category.  There has to be performance behind the moniker.

Still, the quest for a one-word name is well worth it.  Whether it’s packaging, signage, memorability or impact – they all benefit from an economy of
ally-bank-logoletters.  Consider:

  • Ally in banking.
  • Apple in computers.
  • Canon in copiers.
  • Crest in toothpaste.
  • Ford in automobiles.
  • Head in skis.
  • Gap in retailing.
  • head-ski-logoJoy in perfume.
  • Nike in athletic wear.
  • Scope in mouthwash.
  • Skype in free communications.
  • Sony in electronics.
  • Tide in detergents.
  • Xbox in games.


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